Elena Ryazanoff

Elena Ryazanoff was born into a family of artists and intellectuals in Moscow. She grew up in an area where museums and galleries were in abundance and and provided continuous exposure to the world of art and theatre. She was schooled in Art from an early age and holds a degree from the famous Sourikov Academy of Fine Arts in Moscow. She is currently a constant and prolific artist.

In 1991 she came to Australia and after a period in Canberra, she eventually settled in Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula close to Port Phillip Bay and the magnificent Bass Strait. Her works today reflect on her depth of feelings for nature and the environment in which she now lives. Her abstract paintings with the moon/sphere image and the traditional Iconic symbolism merge in a unity of sound and colour.

Elena says it is the mystery of this experience that inspires her, the search for the spiritual essence of life that transfers into art.

She is deeply influenced by the masters of Renaissance such as Botticelli, Durer and Michelangelo, this is evident in her figurative works with the sensitive and fluid use of line. All her paintings contain the classical compositional components and the vividness of colour and occasionally using the glazing that evokes feelings from this era.

Yet, she brings to this a distinctive contemporary style, layers of texture and figures that seem suspended weightlessly in space along accompanied with luminosity of colour that gives a sense of physical vibration.

Elena says, “My paintings are my life and I believe that every artist sees the word differently in the expression of their art. They generally do not record the works like a camera, but as if they are looking through their individual prism at the world.”

Standing in front of Elena’s paintings is an uplifting and meaningful experience, there is a sense of the melding of the physical and metaphysical worlds, a celebration of light and colour, a sense of history and true artistry and a feeling that comes from listening to inspiring music.

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